Sandra Offutt - Oil Painter: Animals, Landscapes and Marine Scenes

“Dream possible dreams,” the Rev. Forrest Church recommended.  My “possible dream” is to spend as much time, energy, and resources as I can to wake up and see the world around me and translate what I see and feel about this world into images on canvas or paper.

Animals and people, trees, fields, patterns, colors, and water often feature in my paintings. During good weather I often paint these subjects out of doors (en plein air) near my Pacific Northwest home; I also paint for several months each year in the U.S. southwest and on an island in the Greek Aegean.

I love this pursuit; it enlivens me and fills my soul. As C. P. Cavafy suggests in his poem “Ithaca,” the pursuit (the journey) is the key element, not the destination. I’m happy that I can share some of these journeys on this website.

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Pruning Time Painting
"Pruning Time II" - 40x30, Oil on Canvas